Working at new project “Princess Lu”

Have you heard of princess Lu? She was this mysterious Asian socialite back in the 30’s. Nobody knew exactly where she came from. Sometimes she claimed to be Chinese...sometimes Cambodian, Japanese, Korean...much as it suited her mood and her entourage. One thing is known for certain...she had traveled the world and gathered a fantastic jewelry collection along the way, gifts from her many lovers in desperate attempts to try to keep her.

“Petit Lion” joined us to Design Miami/Basel, Switzerland. He looked a bit battered and worried. It’s not going well for his sort. Lucky for him, Mrs. Lea Weingarten got to take him home with her and he is now all excited for being in the U. S. of A. traveling along her adventures to benefit the cause of his fellow cats. Lion Landscapes received the full sale price to make good use of it in a further effort to preserve the species.

JUN 10 - 17, 2019

presenting my own new works entitled TOAST

@ Design Miami / Basel, Messe Basel, Switzerland

TOAST is the jewelry I am making.

TOAST is homemade.

TOAST is not haute cuisine, it is low-fi slow food.

TOAST is what we turn to every so often when we are tired of complicated things.

TOAST is basic, simple, the best ingredients without skimming on quantity but indulging on quality.

TOAST is messy, juicy and not seeking perfection…just seeking pleasure.

FEB 7 - 11, 2019

“Claw I” necklace

@ Nomad, St Moritz, Switzerland

with Maniera, Brussels, Belgium

NOV 30, 2018 - JAN 19, 2019

in group show those little things

“Plan de table, set I” box with set of 8 name holders for dinner

with Maniera, Brussels, Belgium