Stefano Marchetti


The work of Stefano Marchetti lies mainly into research in metal alloys, he does not work in his studio like a goldsmith but more like a chemist in his laboratory. Marrying metals and creating textures is what his pieces are about. Complicated constructions give birth to delicate unique jewelry creations that reveal their effect when worn.

His famous series of works in micro mosaics obviously reveal his Italian origin but also give away the source of his mastery namely the famous goldsmiths school of Padova.

A true pupil of the master Francesco Pavan, beauty is never at the source of a piece by Stefano. Instead a long and quiet research in the background suddenly give birth to a series of new works like the series where nanno powder of metals is mixed with resin to recreate the effect of a sculptor working the material with his bare hands.

He recently concluded 10 years of research into Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.