David Huycke


“It has always fascinated me how and in what materials things were constructed, and what these things communicated by the way they were made… Materials and making are, in many aspects, my core interest: as a way to realize things, as a process in itself, and as a subject matter.”

David Huycke initially studied as a goldsmith and started to make jewelry but soon discovered a preference for larger scale works. Through these original studies of ornament his attention was turned to granulation, an ancient old technique used for decorative purposes on the surface of jewelry. In his PHD obtained in 2010 "The Metamorphic Ornament : Re thinking Granulation" he succeeded to transport this purely decorative technique into a structure that gives shape to the object.

Going back to the original element of his study ie. the granule, and the action of "fusion", unique to the technique of granulation, with one other granule, Huycke created a series of objects originating from these concepts : two granules in fusion, fusion of a square with a circle, fusion of void in space,...

Objects are in massive silver 925, hand hammered or in granulation (one granule fused with another, one by one, etc) not pressed moulded, not silver-plated.