Lisa Walker


Lisa Walker is the first artist the gallery asked to work with. There is nothing precious about Lisa's jewellery except the emotions they procure which is all too often exactly the opposite in commercial or brand jewelry. Mostly using glue as her technique of choice, Lisa trained the traditional goldsmithing techniques and regularly returns to metal for her work. The breakthrough of her style came about under the tuition of Prof. Otto Kunzli at the Munich Academie of Fine Arts. The culture shock for a New Zealander to find herself living in Germany for over 10 years was initially the major drive behind her pieces. Elements from both these cultures appear frequently. She is an artist who can make both tiny and huge pieces work and her collectors appreciate the mix. Socio cultural issues surface regularly when seeing her pieces, whether it is intentional or not.

In 2015, Lisa was awarded the New Zealand Arts Fundation Laureate Award



Solo exhibitions at the gallery :
2009 Sometimes
2010 Design Miami with "Curiosity Cabinet" by Jon Stam
2013 Lisa Walker / Daniel Kruger

Works in public collections : Otago Polytechnic Dunedi, Auckland Museum, Te papa Museum Wellington, Dowse Art Museum Wellington

Main museum solo exhibitions : 2011 Cobra Museum for Modern Art Amstelveen

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