I am a woman of extremes. I do not like in betweens.

I started the gallery in 2007 without really knowing what it means to be a professional gallery and without any clients. It was based on a crush on contemporary jewelry fed by my love of beautiful things inspired by my mother. My mother was wearing jewelry by the likes of Cartier and Van Cleef and I had discovered a world of independent studio creators where the magic of the piece was not necessarily through the material value of the piece. I started in an old grocery store front place in the Rue Van Eyck in Brussels. The grocery store represented a grocery experience I had with my mother, a small store packed with shelves from top to bottom that held no space for two people between them at the same time. When she would arrive they would greet her with her name and immediately know what she preferred - ripe or green tomatoes, her preferred kind of salad, the crab jar that was stacked high up behind the counter, the seasonal items they would keep behind for her. This was the spirit I wanted to have for my gallery. I knew what would be good for this or that client and never tried to sell something that was not for them.

In an effort to understand what I was selling I followed a goldsmiths workshop and worked at the bench to try out the basic techniques. I immediately acquired a lot of respect for the artists I was representing and the patience they had in creating a piece entirely by their own hands. I never thought it would be something for me and left it for them. As the years went by and the knowledge and the experience in a good piece increased I started wanting to go back at it and experimented in an atelier with an outstanding craftsman for 4 years freelance. The breakthrough really came after a horse riding accident that forced me to spend my free time in a "safer" way.

Idea of pieces come up at night and I have sleepless nights with a drawing pad next to my bed. What I do is something that I would have wanted to show as a gallery but despite my efforts never found. Not all of them are realized. I create for myself or for people I like and know. My work is low tech, much like slow food. I like imperfection and rough. I like the almost waste of material.

I closed the gallery on October 15, 2017 and can now come out with my own work without interference.

Today I work mainly in gold because I love working this metal and I love its controversy. I do not consider myself as a skilled craftsman but rather as a sculptor.