Hermien Cassiers


Delicate is only what the pieces of Hermien look like. Strength is a result of her quest for the thinnest gold alloy wire possible. Lightness gives room for volume and flexibility makes room for comfort. Each piece is created through a very detailed mathematical schedule. Each bracelet, necklace or earring is the result of another formula that ends up with a different movement on and with the body. Haute Couture precision and patience are necessary to Cassiers to create her pieces. She continues her workbench education that originated with the italian goldsmith Giovanni Corvaja who inspired her the work with the wire. The gallery has represented the work by Hermien before her graduation in 2014 and it was an immediate success with the difficult crowds of Design Basel. Her hoop earrings have been a sold out success at Design Miami. We look forward to see her practice develop.

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2014 Hermien Cassiers
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