(BE, 1952)

"The Dune"

There are many examples of jewelry representing a symbol for rebellion. Each generation comes up with its own sign in one way or another, marking a disagreement with economy, education, society, culture or religion. With his painting, “The Dune”, Guy Van Bossche delivers us his own.

Not every painting can be translated in 3D to result in an interesting piece of jewelry. When talking about this project with the artist, the gallery did not simply want to make an accessory. A gimmick of a painting. Both the figure itself central to this particular painting as well as its meaning seemed the best choice for interpretation. “The Dune” painting was initially imagined by Guy in 2007.  Back then, a TV documentary was spreading about the Chinese expansion movement showing amongst others, female students recurring to plastic surgery in a desperate attempt to acquire a western look. To comply to a certain ideal of a perfect life with a perfect husband and a perfect job with all the western symbols for happiness. Instead many of these women ended up being scarred for life and burdened by heavy debts. Fueled by his temper, this image of rebellion against this phenomenon took shape.  This woman is looking out to the world.  She is not hiding.  She is angry with all types of repression and showing it. Her red hood has become a familiar sight in Guy Van Bossche’s work. It is an object that the painter bought years earlier in an arms shop in Chicago.  An object that oozes out violence and anger at first sight. An ornament of disguise but also of discomfort, just like a jewel can be.

The red hood on the jewel has been applied in pure red mat pigment by the master of this technique namely Giampaolo Babetto.

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