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BESTIARY - Kathleen Fink

The dance, the play of colours, bright fluttering – it is a wonder that nature yields such things. Any other matter carries too much weight.
The unfurling of the wings and the unforeseeable trajectory that ends on swaying blossoms – it holds its own magic, as if the creature were no more than a blithe gesture of grace and ease. Their movements shine forth. Their appearance charms the eye.
These are creatures that defy rationale, that induce day-dreams, projections of delight set free – a blissful metamorphosis, the dream of consummate transformation.  Hardship, trouble, diligence, logic and efficiency seem to have no place in their world. These creatures cast off all impurity. We heave a sigh of relief that evolution is not merely the choice of eat, or be eaten.
Everything that flies is symmetrical. Perfect for jewellery. Sheer wonder is materialised as pure self-fulfilment. Creating a setting for the inconceivable, transforming it into wood and metal. Butterflies are a never-ending challenge – the bewitching, unexpected light shed on beauty, unreachable, timeless, light as air, unfathomable. Magical creatures.

Text by Rüdiger Giebler
Translation by Rebecca Williams