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Tender Touchment by Robert Smit

For Tender Touchment, Robert Smit has created a new body of work that unfolds in two series.
The first is a group of brooches where the artist has layered metals, feelings, paintings, prints, references and subtle quotations in hommage to Manfred Bischoff and starting from his piece called “Tender Touchment". Painted on both sides, mingling text and images, each piece is a postcard to beyond, a correspondence from one artist to another. Robert Smit tenderly covered tin with paint; through soft brushes and with the tips of his fingers. His tiptoeing strokes of colors and feelings convey mourning words and a fellow's jeweller hommage.
With the second series, four brooches and two necklaces, Robert Smit is catching up with an old language one might have thought he had forgotten since 2008. Composition reveals his abstractionists influences, while the rich color palette are reminiscent of his fascination for Italian lights and landscapes. Robert Smit demonstrates his mastery in a variety of techniques equally providing from his career as a jeweler and an artist. Some brooches, with their rapid touch and vivid colors are vibrant and exude energy. Other compositions of plain flattened metal sheets, monochrome surfaces and right angles reveal depth and texture that are a call for contemplation.
Robert Smit bridges the rigor of an abstract artist and the opulence and sensitivity of a jeweler.  With Tender Touchment, he writes a new chapter of his own story of ever-contemporary jewelry, on his very unique handwriting and his very recognizable signature.

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