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The Fantastic World of JOS Devriendt

Solo show of ceramic artist JOS Devriendt presenting jewelry and things for jewelry

The gallery opened this new season with a solo exhibition entitled "The Fantastic World of Jos Devriendt"

On this occasion Devriendt designed a series of unique jewelry displays. They are pedestals, aureoles and valets that take jewels out of the boxes. The displays showcase jewelry off the body but on the walls. Each of them emphasizes the jewelry as exhibition objects. Like a "mise en abyme", the display is adorning the wall and the jewel is adorning the display. Featuring horns, bulges or finger-like hooks, his jewelry stands are to a wall what a neck, a finger or a chest are to the human body: multiple opportunities for your own mise en scène.

Together with the series of jewelry displays, the exhibition features an extensive collection of pendants whose shapes, textures, colors and combination of different clays give an insight of his Fantastic World.  

Usually working on large-scale pieces, Devriendt has made smaller pieces appear like doodles, leaving his hands to manipulate and shape the clay, until it feels right.

Piece by piece, give an other dimension to his work from large-scale to large-quantity.