David Bielander


David Bielander clearly defined his own unique path within the contemporary jewellery world.
From the onset he has combined innovative technique with an out of the ordinary subject and transformed material that has never been familiar for jewelry.
Pigs, Scampis, Pythons, Rats, Garlic, Onions to name but a few are the subjects of some of his iconic pieces.
Stick pins, Thumbstacks, lighter parts, forgotten pewter plates are magically turned into wearable jewelry.
Not satisfied to make just any piece for the sake of it, his technical research always lies at the basis of the decision to realize a new work and this often takes years of brooding in his mind. Never the purpose to shock with out of the ordinary subject or scale, instead to be surprised by the hidden technology behind giving the wearer and onlooker a different appreciation of the subject suddenly put in his different context. Never an intention to be obvious instead to awake to the daily beauty of life around us.

Solo exhibitions at the gallery:
2014 Far Out Brussels Sprout


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