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Caroline Van Hoek / Contemporary Art Jewelery / Deurle - Brussels

Caroline Van Hoek / Contemporary Art Jewelery / Deurle - Brussels



1978, Japan & 1981, The Netherlands

» artist work

Study O Portable is a designing practice for accessories and other small objects based in London. Their work often evolves from the interest in the methods of designing and aims to review the relationship between the production process and the function of the objects. Since 2009, S.O.P. has been presented internationally at various occasions and places. S.O.P. was founded by Bernadette Deddens (the Netherlands) and Tetsuo Mukai (Japan). They met while studying at ArtEz in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Bernadette graduated from Design Products Royal College of Art in 2006 and has since worked as an independent accessories designer and consultant. She is a visiting lecturer at London College of Fashion. Tetsuo has a background in fashion design and had worked in London and Paris before joining Bernadette in London.
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